Act No. 326 of November 30th, 1999 on Residence of Aliens in the Territory of the Czech Republic and Amendment to Some Acts

Section 5

At the request of the Police, an alien shall be obliged to do the following during border control:
  1. submit the following documents unless provided otherwise below:
    1. a travel document (Section 108) held by the alien; the Police shall recognise as such a travel document also a travel document which is co-held by a married couple who are entering the Territory for the purpose of temporary stay in the Territory,
    2. a valid Czech visa (hereinafter the "Visa") if the alien is required to have a visa,
    3. a document confirming that funds are available for the stay in the Territory (Section 13) or a certified invitation not older than 90 days from the date of its certification by the Police (Sections 15 and 180),
    4. a certificate of medical insurance to cover the cost of treatment in relation to an accident or sudden illness in the Territory including the cost of transfer of the diseased or the remains of the deceased (hereinafter an "Insurance Certificate") to cover the stay of the alien in the Territory; the same shall not apply if the alien has medical insurance under a special legal regulation, or if the payment of medical expenses is secured in another manner; the alien shall be obliged to submit the Insurance Certificate also in case the insurance under a special legal regulation is not arranged to be valid as at the day of entry of the alien in the Territory,
    5. a document confirming accommodation of the alien during his stay in the Territory unless the alien proves in another manner that accommodation has been arranged,
    6. a visa for the country of the alien's destination or a country through whose state border the alien intends to travel to his country of destination; the same shall not apply if the alien has leave to remain in the above country without a visa,
  2. to prove that the cost of leaving the Territory for a country whose travel document he holds, or another country of permanent residence, has been secured (Section 12) in case of a valid concern that the Czech Republic will bear such costs,
  3. to complete and sign the state border crossing report and to affix a photograph to it,
  4. to provide details within the extent required by an application for a Visa (Section 54).

More information you can find here (section 5).

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