About Paseky

The village of Paseky lies in the slopes of the Krkonose Mountains in the North Bohemia. The vicinity of the chalet is suitable for wonderful hiking trips. Moreover, there are excelent facilities for various sporting activities such as soccer, mini-golf, fitness center, snooker and darts.

Accomodation consists of rooms for two or three people. A single room can be arranged on demand if the capacity of the chalet allows. In such a case additional EUR 100 will be charged.

How to get to Paseky?
The exact address of the chalet:
Hotel Albert
512 47 Paseky nad Jizerou 99
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 607 903 020

The distance from Prague to Paseky is approximately 120 km to the north-east and time needed to cover that distance by car is maybe close to 2 hours since the last kilometers you drive in an almost-mountain terrain (approx 1000m high). The hills in which Paseky lies are called Krkonose.

In Prague you should search for the highway to directions: Mlada Boleslav, Turnov, Harrachov, Zelezny Brod. You leave Prague on that highway, coming through towns Mlada Boleslav, Turnov. Somewhere near the town of Turnov there is an end of the highway and you continue on an ordinary road. You go to Zelezny Brod and then to Plavy (in general, the direction should be always Harrachov, but you should go through the towns which were mentioned above). The distance from Prague to Plavy is approximately 100 km. Now: in Plavy you turn right to the direction of Zlata Olesnice and then you follow the direction of Sklenarice. Sklenarice are at the distance about 10-15 km from Plavy. Then, in Sklenarice on the crossroad you turn left and after some 1.5 km you turn right, following the signpost PASEKY. (Actually, the full name is Paseky nad Jizerou, but it's often abbreviated to Paseky n. Jiz. or simply Paseky). Then, after some 2 km you should be there. The hotel is located on your right-hand side, it is a big house with a green roof. When coming near to the hotel, there is a hill on your left-hand side with a skilift.

Anyway, we think it's worth to have a look at the map and to try to find a way on the map. In case you get lost on the map (because some of the villages we mentioned are really small ones), Paseky lies some 15 km away from Harrachov or Rokytnice, which are a bit bigger towns so that they can be on the global map of the Czech Republic.

In any case, please, let us know if you come by car or if you join us in our bus (just to know if we should wait for you).